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The Music Studio educates children from 6 years of age, through youth and adults. The offer includes mainly individual vocal classes, but also choir classes for children in two age groups 6-9 years and 10-16 years. Our studio is also offering instrumental classes.
During vocal classes, students learn, first of all, correct breathing, diction, intonation, but also song interpretation. An important element are also classes with a microphone so that you can thoroughly prepare for stage performances, which are also available for studio students. 
The fun of choir is learning to work in a team and singing as a group, also split into multiple voices. These activities are very helpful in the development of hearing. In the younger group of the chorus, the activities are also about the basics of music and rhythm. Children learn the names of the notes and their position on the five lines, the term musical notes. They also have occasions for short rhythmic exercises.

Music Studio by Eliza Idec takes part in many concerts, festivals and cultural events where they present their skills. The studio is a forge of young talents. Many singers have won main prizes in competitions such as the Polish Song Festival in Chicago, Got Talent or school competitions. Our students often support local initiatives with their performances, and every year they take part in WOSP or Wianki organized by the You Can be my Angel foundation. Their talen is also noticed in their native schools, where they are often asked for local performances or singing the national anthem during the most important sports games in their institutions.

The studio is also equipped with a recording studio. It is also one of the elements of the young vocalist's work. They learn how to work on making a recording. Thanks to this they have a memory that they can keep for themselves and for their family. It is also a perfect way to tangibly consolidate the progress around the young singer.
To become a student of Music Studio by Eliza Idec you must first pass preliminary auditions in the field of hearing, musical and rhythmic memory. During such interviews, you can verify whether it is time to start education in a given field or whether it is still worth waiting. We also make sure that the students and student families integrate with each other. Therefore, a common element is picnics or meetings during which everyone can not only present their musical achievements but also get to know other participants more closely. This element of belonging is very important in the Studio. Each of us experiences moments of discouragement and monotony. However, when we're strong as a group, it's always easier to get through that moment.
If you are more interested in the activities or the achievements of the studio, please contact us via Facebook: Eliza Idec or contact us at 224-238-9692. Also, if you need a musical setting, the pupils of our well will always be happy to present their skills.

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