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Individual & Duet Classes

Service Description

Music Studio by Eliza Idec offers vocal classes for children and adults. Children can start their vocal education from the age of 6. Classes take place in the form of individual sessions or for younger children we also offer the possibility of duet activities (in pairs with another child of a similar age). During vocal classes, students begin their education with learning correct posture and breathing diaphragm (establishing good posture that allows room in the diaphragm for air to expand, be held, and support the voice .) Tone and Intonation- is another very important element in learning to sing. The student must learn the pure articulation of sound and learn the possibilities of their voice. This is also the time when the student gets to know the facial muscles responsible for the singing technique. In the later stage of their education, students explore different ways of singing, all this is to allow singers to relate to different styles of music. Interpretation - that's a big part of the learning process. Our task is to teach students to understand the song sung. Based on the correct singing techniques, we create an individual interpretation of the song. Our students are prepared for stage performances, therefore it is important that the student has a repertoire appropriate to a specific performance. Concerts - The Studio provides participation in concerts and music competitions. Students should be able to present their skills. In this way, they learn to control the strike associated with performing on stage and learn how to navigate on stage.

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